Broward County Judge Michele Towbin Singer Sued by Rabbi for Libel

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Broward Judge Michele Towbin Singer SUED for Libel

By Staff of 247 News


Broward Country Judge Michele Towbin Singer is being sued in the Supreme Court of the Nation of ONE for saying a litigant in a case she is sitting on in Broward County, who is a world famous Rabbi that  is the Plaintiff, is a liar.

The Plaintiff is the founder of the fastest growing religion in history that now has millions of members all over the world who believe his prophecies are direct from GOD and he has DIVINE AUTHORITY in his Temple of ‘Hayah movement.

The PROPHET is known as SOLLOG and he is suing Nationwide Insurance for $50 BILLION USD in his case in Broward County that you can look up (Case #CACE20005089 at Broward Clerk .org) and see almost 200 pleadings in the case where SOLLOG has also sued Hinshaw Law for LIBEL for calling SOLLOG by his birthname that is considered offensive to all members of TOH.

SOLLOG asked Judge Singer, who has a terrible rating on the Robing Room where 30% of lawyers have stated she is BIASED and is Passive Aggressive in running her court room, to recuse herself for not using his religious name in court. Judge Singer has refused to recuse herself now several times in the case and in one refusal she said the GREAT SOLLOG is not truthful or basically a LIAR,  thereby insulting millions of members of TOH and Libeling SOLLOG.

Ms. Singer we strongly advise you to do some research on SOLLOG and see how the ground shakes when he says and how hurricanes strike where and when he says. Here’s some of our SOLLOG ARTICLES.

For 25 years SOLLOG THE GREAT has warned that in 2020 a great plague would hit earth, he was dead on.

The same 2020 Prophecy said that the world would see historic hurricanes in 2020, and sure enough this year 2020 has set records for the number of hurricanes and storms.

The 2020 Prophecy also said GREAT QUAKES would occur, so watch out LA.

Then DC is struck by nuclear terrorism the prophecy warned years ago.

Now THE GREAT SOLLOG says in one Motion in the case that Judge Singer lives in the city he is suing in his case which is a conflict, the Judge didn’t care, SOLLOG says the judge used a hate crime name calling him his birth name in the case and the judge still refused to recuse herself. Now SOLLOG has more Motions to Disqualify the Judge in his case, one is for LIBEL where the Judge called him a liar by saying his filing was not truthful.

SOLLOG has no comment on his case other than saying the court record speaks for itself

Here is SOLLOG in his court filing revealing he has sued Judge Singer for LIBEL, download his Motion and see yourself.

Judge Michel Towbin Singer Libel Suit

We asked Chief Judge Jack Tuter to comment on all the bad behavior of his judges in the case and thus far he has not commented.

Judge Singer is the 5th Judge in the case.

First Judge to be removed was Judge Haury for making an illegal order after a hearing with no notice to Plaintiff.

Second Judge removed was Judge Rodrigues for falsely stating things about the Plaintiff in an order.

Third Judge to be removed was Judge Bitwill who recused himself when his staff refused to follow his orders in case.

Judge Robinson removed himself sua sponte, he was the forth judge.

Judge Singer is the fifth judge and she has been sued by Sollog now twice in an international court and still she refused to recuse herself from the case.

Rule 2 of the Judicial Code of Ethics states a Judge must recuse themselves if there is an appearance of impartiality.

If calling a Rabbi a liar and then being sued by him for libel doesn’t make a judge seem to be impartial then nothing does.

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