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The 1 Legal Network is the largest network of Legal Keyword Portals. We specialize in providing Law Firms Legal Leads to obtain new Clients for all areas in law including Injury Law, Criminal, Divorce, Foreclosure, Immigration and Business.

Our Legal Portals are all developed using our portfolio of Legal Industry Keywords to help our Clients get the Highest ROI in the very competitive field of Legal Marketing.

Power of a Keyword Portal in Internet Marketing

We supply our clients the use of our powerful legal keyword Portals creating live exclusive leads. We do that  by creating City Landing Pages on the Keyword portals for their area of practice for their market and then we create high response content such as HD Videos that result in our clients getting a huge 50% average lead ratio from Traffic that is 10 TIMES the rate other marketing companies get.

Examples of City Pages:




Real PPC Gurus

Our PPC Gurus setup and mange our clients PPC accounts and that coupled with our powerful keyword assets and our professional content ends up with our work getting our clients a super high QS score so our clients CPC (cost per click) is lower than when they do it themselves.

4 Reasons we reduce your CPC Costs and Lead Costs

We deliver the lowest CPC rates in the legal industry due to:

  1. Top Level PPC Gurus.
  2. Power of keyword ad buying (Keyword buyers are PREFERRED accounts by Google).
  3. Quality Content that gives our work super high QS (Quality Scores) which means lower CPC (Cost Per Click) rates.
  4. Super fast network speed for page opens that produces the highest response ratios.

Most Law Firms lose over 50% of Traffic due to SLOW SPEED

We maintain a super fast Cloud Hosting Network giving our clients fast page open times that result in almost 100% of users who visit their landing page actually seeing their landing page. Most law firms lose 50% or more of potential clients due to having websites with page open times over 3 Seconds.

Month to Month Contracts

Why do all the other Internet Marketing Companies want long term contracts?

We only have month to month contracts since WE KNOW we will make you happy and you will stay with our company for many years to come. That ishow we GUARANTEE OUR WORK, you try our Legal Network and you will like it and you will stay with us, that is why we don’t need long term contracts.

We can make your Phone Ring everyday

Our proven results for Lawyers means we can make your phone start ringing in a few days and then they will RING EVERY DAY you are a Client.

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We can supply your law firm leads from these Legal Portals:


1 Lawyer ORG

1 Attorneys NET

Car Accident Lawyer COM

1 Injury Lawyer COM

Injury Lawyer BIZ

Injury Lawyer LTD

Personal Injury Attorney BIZ

Criminal Lawyer LTD

Criminal Lawyers NET

Drug Lawyer ORG

Drug Lawyer LTD

Drug Lawyer CO

Drug Lawyer BIZ

Murder Lawyers COM

Divorce Lawyer COM

1 Divorce Lawyer COM

Divorce Lawyer LTD

Immigration Lawyer LTD

Foreclosure Lawyer COM

Bankruptcy Lawyers BIZ

Bankruptcy Lawyer LTD

Business Lawyer LTD

Corporate Lawyer LTD


1 Legal Leads

Contact Us to have our Network Supply your Law Firm Quality Leads

1 Legal

1 Legal is a Division of 1 Media

1 Legal - 1 Lawyers - 1 Attorneys

Need Legal Clients  - Need a Lawyer